Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Just a thought

So I was driving home from school today & I just started crying. A lot of this whole exchange thing is REALLY starting to hit me right in the face. I am starting to relize what this whole thing is about & how real it all is. Time is flying by. I can remember applying for the Rotary program just like it was yesterday, but it was really 5 months ago. I relized how much I really am going to miss my life back in America and how much I am going to miss out on, but in the end I know this whole experience will be more than worth it. I was looking on flickr today at pictures of the Brussel's airport & it just made me 10000000 times more excited knowing that in 5 months I will actually be there. I have a lot going on with rotary right now, that 12 page essay on Belgium & we have a confrence here in 2 weeks, then we have a district 6970 spring confrence in daytona beach. I will keep you updated when anything new is happening. All I know as of now is that I will be in the district of 1630 which is the french speaking part. For now, bon au revoir! :)

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