Monday, April 27, 2009

oh wait

scratch the begining part of what i posted yesterday. just forget about it totally.

yesterday around 4:30pm i was laying in bed at my mom's house messing around on my iPod when I got a new email, WHA WHA?!?! it was from Xavier Demoisy.

okay okay, who's that, right? right? he's the secretary and head of youth exchanges Rotary club Virton, Belgium!! Lets read the email!

OH SHOOT! I almost forgot, you don't know french!

but thats okay I promise, he also typed it in english! How nice of him!:)

now now, thats a whole lot better!

oh & believe me it, it gets even better! I found out today, my first host family!!!!
They are the Genin family!:))) I emailed them today! Now I just need a reply!

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