Sunday, April 26, 2009

Where do I begin?

So a lot has been going on this past month. I havn't made a post in awhile, so here it goes. No, I still have no heard ANYTHING from rotary about my city, my families, my school, NOTHING. So yes, I am still waiting patiently for all that information. I did find out from Bokoff Kaplan that I will be leaving the United States of American on August 14, 2009 & I could not be anymore happier. Now on to more exciting things. About two weeks ago I skipped school & went out to eat with Mariah(going to Spain), Sara(from Spain), Laura(from Belgium), and Mrs.Daphne Cameron. We went to downtown Fernandina & at at the Marina. So many of our questions were answered, it was quite lovley I must say. Then we went "shopping" downtown. It was nice. So now on to more recent news. This past weekend was the district confrence for my district 6970. On Thursday night I went to Callahan and spent the night with Mariah. We didnt get to bed until pretty late, like 12. FIVE THIRTY. we had to leave at 5:30. sucked. So we got maybe at the most five hours of sleep, not cooool. Then we picked up Jennifer, stopped for Starbucks & Chickfla and off to Daytona it was. We got to Daytona right on time. We drove down Atlantic which seemed like FOREVER. We finally found the hotel. Took our stuff up to the room thingy & got dressed. We looked ridiculously tacky in those blazers up oh well. Then we got to talk to everyone and get pins from all the inbounds to put on our blazers, it was nifty.

Then we had this ceramony of flags or something of that nature. We practiced what seemed like forty million times. So finally it came time to have our flag thingy. We were lined up by countries in alphabetical order. Jody said our country, played the national anthem of our coutry, a bunch of old people clapped for us, then we all said thank you rotary to the rotary. MERCI ROTARY. Then when all that was done all the outbounds went back up stairs and ate pizza. Then we had some speech thingy where an inbound, rebound, and outbound made a speech. Then they gave an award to Borna from Croatia. It was sweet. So then we drove to Manatee Island, got unloaded and started the relay for life thing. It was really fun. Funniest time Ive had in awhile, just chilling with all the RYE outbounds and inbounds. I sware we walked that track 38329487239874 times. They had a bunch of live entertainment. It was funny when some random lady goes up there and everyone starts dancing with her.
told you it was pretty EPIC. so then more walking around and playing on this AMAZING playground. so hmn lets see. as it got dark it became more dark being the only thing lighting up the island was the candle lit bags and the moon light, the lights didnt work. then another proformer came and did this fire thingy. also the water in the bathroom didnt run, which was terribly gross. so after while, me, jennifer, kelsey, & lauren got a tad bit tired of walking around. i sorta kinda met up with grant & peter and ditched them, sorryy HAHA. so me, grant, and peter were holding hands skipping down the road it was EPIC, i gave grant a piggy back ride then dropped him. then peter pushed me and i kicked a bag over and it caught on fire so i had to put it out with my shoe. then we went to the dock and played NEVER HAVE I EVER which was a lameo game. then peter pushed me down the hill a few times. then i met back up with lauren, zach, and conor. went to the park, fell asleep, woke back up. went to laurens cars, tried to sleep for like 3 hours maybe, then woke back up. ending ceramony, left the camp. went to the board walk in daytona beach for starbucks, amazing naked juice, and a danish:D then we walked the beach. met up lauren & kelsey. then went to target, got me and bathing suit top. walked the boardwalk. got hennna tattoos and icees and pizza and other fun stuff. basically my trip was a dang blast. heres more pictures.

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